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aeroTAP touchless interface

Tapping your hand on air...

aeroTAP is reinventing technology of touchless interface which allow user to navigate system without any controller such as keyboard, mouse, etc.
aeroTAP works with our developed aeroTAP 3D USB camera running with very small CPU resource. It also can recognize some gestures. User can navigate PC without keyboard and mouse by just running aeroTAP.

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aeroTAP 3D USB Camera

For ADAS、SLAM. Personal Mobility, Robots,AI, IoT, VR/MR and Smart Device development, we produce 3D sensor to meet your requirements.

aeroTAP 3D USB Camera is stereo vision 3D camera that is simple, handy, connects with USB2.0/3.0.

aeroTAP Wireless headset

We are looking for partners (Buyers/Distributors) to distribute the product in overseas market.

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